About the Game

Kakashi: The Search for Tingle is a fan-made game that is being developed by Zelda in my Pocket as a side-project. It is an attempt to create a larger amount of popularity —especially in America— for the Tingle series as a whole. The game itself focuses on a character named “Kakashi“, literally the Japanese word for “Scarecrow”. Kakashi was first introduced as a character in the Vanpool title Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip. He was originally an attempt to recreate the “Brainless Scarecrow” from the Wizard of Oz series, and was on a quest to obtain intelligence.

We at Zelda in my Pocket (ZimP) decided that Kakashi would be the perfect character for a solo quest; he has a lot of characterful, personality, and even abilities. Above all, though, he’s loyal. No doubt that when Tingle goes missing, he’s the first one to set off on a journey to reclaim his friend. At first, the idea was just a concept, so the staffers at ZimP decided to let a bit of information leak about a new game in development. The only synopsis given was that Tingle had been kidnapped by the Salona (first appearing in Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip), and Kakashi was going out on a quest to save him.

In a surprising turn of events, there was a large amount of excitement for the game. Sure there were the critics, as well as the skeptics who called it a hoax (and were halfway right), but overall, the community seemed to be looking forward to hearing more news. In early May 2010, we announce that the game was indeed being developed; by us. In the end, the game gained much popularity, as well as enough support to start seriously working on the game, treating it as if it was a professional project.

In June 2010, this website was created in order to act as a developer diary, news hub, and download center for the game. Although the game is still under development, you can view its blog, as well as ZimP’s homepage in order to receive updates about the game.

Note: This game is being developed in order to provide an experience that fans of both The Legend of Zelda series and the Tingle series can enjoy, and no profit is being made from it. For more legal information about this game, please visit our Privacy Policy & Copyright page.