Welcome to the downloads page! Here, you will find various downloads for Kakashi: The Search for Tingle, including the game releases themselves. We’re also making screensavers, wallpapers and soundtracks available to you.

The Game

Kakashi Demo Engine 2.10 (beta)*
Kakashi Demo Engine 2.00 (beta)*
Kakashi Demo Engine 1.00 (beta)

Other Media

Kakashi Album Preview
Kakashi Wallpaper

Note: Need help playing the game, or lacking a flashcard? Try downloading No$GBA, courtesy of

*This version supports Wi-Fi, and can be wirelessly updated to the current version by clicking the “Update” button on the main menu. Updates are only possible through a Wi-Fi connection, and will not function on an emulator; only an actual Nintendo DS via a flashcard. Please be patient, as the update may take several moments.

** This version is obsolete, and does not support Wi-Fi updates


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