Kakashi: The Search for Tingle Engine Demo Release

Dance!The title says it all, doesn’t it? We are pleased to announce to you two separate events… The first one is that our test demo is ready! The second is that we are pleased to be launching this very site! All of this is pretty self-explanatory, but let me remind you that these are not the final animations or textures; this is simply to show you that the game is being worked on, as well as to demonstrate the engine.

You can nab the game on the downloads page. Thanks for being so patient throughout the game’s development, and a special thanks to Alex Plunkett and Justin Folvarcik for their hard work!

P.S. You’ll notice we have a link to donate to us up on the sidebar, now. You’ll also notice that a certain user is posted up at the top of the page as the highest donate thus far! Want your name there? Donate away, and we’ll put the user’s name highest amount given up there!

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