Kakashi: The Search for Tingle to Feature Multiplayer and Wi-Fi

Nintendo Wi-FiYes, the title says it all. After quite a few tests, we’ve decided to incorporate a multi-player mode with Kakashi: The Search for Tingle. Overall, it will be quite simple; we’re aiming to find a timeless game that will grab many players in an effective way. In past games, that’s always been done by creating something with a lot of though, but staying away from the elaborate, glittery feel.

Also, this next bit coincides with the multiplyer aspect a bit: Wi-Fi. Yes, that’s right… we’re planning on implementing Wi-Fi into the game, as well. With it, you should be able to download updates to the game, as well as compete with others in the multiplayer modes.

A final note: The demo release is getting very, very close…

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